Today Is Hamburger Day!

What does your hamburger say about you?



One of America’s favorite foods is the hamburger! Can you believe that they actually made a day just to celebrate this delicious food?!?! In my opinion, hamburgers are one of the most versatile foods available. You are only limited by your imagination in the variations that can be concocted.

You might be a basic hamburger type of person.  Someone that uses the typical, everyday embellishments on their hamburger.  The most common ingredients added to the basic burger include cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Don’t get me wrong, these burgers are amazing in their own right… but with a little imagination they can be even better!

Even the basic condiments keep morphing into new varieties. These add a new taste and flare to your burger. While out grocery shopping stop and peruse the condiment aisle. You will find many new and surprising condiment flavors. These condiment varieties keep growing in number almost daily! The morphing of these basic elements of a burger allow for new and constantly changing flavor varieties.

Changing up your cheese preference can alter the taste of your burger. The basic cheese flavors are super yummy (American, cheddar, Swiss, etc) but now companies are changing their cheese flavors by adding things such as bacon and peppers in addition to introducing smoked flavor into the cheeses.

One of my favorite things to add to a burger is bacon.  I know that is pretty common and “almost” makes it on the list of things that typically go on a basic burger but not everyone likes or wants bacon on their burger. I can’t begin to imagine not liking or wanting bacon on nearly everything, but everyone is different! The flavor of the bacon that you choose to use can help alter the taste of your burger if you are tired of the same old thing. Try some brown sugar cured bacon or some of the peppercorn bacon on your next burger and let me know what you think!

Change up the fresh veggies on your burger to add a new twist! Sure, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles are common and yummy… but have you thought of adding crisp, fresh cucumbers for some extra crunch?  How about adding some sliced avocado or even some guacamole made from a fresh avocado? Try a different onion variety… sweet onions, yellow onions, Vidalia, purple onions… they all taste great but slightly different!

One trick that I REALLY love for my burger is to fry an egg any way you like it. I like mine cooked over-medium where the white of the egg is fully cooked but the yolk is still runny.  Put the egg on your burger to make it extra yummy and, if you leave your yolk runny, it will add some extra moisture to your burger! I must admit that I learned this from watching Food Network. I never would have thought of this on my own!

The possibilities are endless and, no matter how you like to eat your burger, they are delicious!  I would love to hear how some of you like to eat your burger! I am always looking for new recipes and ways to fix or cook even the most basic foods!