Product Review: Black Smart Fitness Activity Band


Black Smart Fitness Activity Band Product Review

Health and fitness have become a big thing, and being able to track your progress has gotten even bigger. Smart Fitness has created a fitness activity band for just such a purpose.

Product Overview:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Rechargeable
  • Track steps, calories, and distance
  • Track sleep quality

Where to buy it:

Amazon at


The #Alisten Smart Activity fitness band is water resistant. That doesn’t mean that you can go deep sea diving with it, but if you happen to be out for a walk and it starts raining the fitness band should be just fine.


I have worn my Smart Activity Fitness Band since the day I received it and it has performed as promised. It has tracked my steps, the number of calories I have burned, and the actual distance that I have walked throughout the day.  It monitors my sleep at night and lets me know if I’ve had a good night’s sleep or not, as well as telling me in hours and minutes how long I was in a deep sleep, light sleep, and awake. It syncs easily to the Smart Activity app on my phone.

Who This Product is Suitable For

The Smart Activity Fitness Band is suitable for old enough to learn to operate it. It is very user friendly.

Overall Thoughts

I have enjoyed being able to keep track of my activity level throughout the day. I have been actively working on trying to increase my activity level and the Smart Activity Fitness Band gives me a daily goal to shoot to exceed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, and for the price (as compared to other more expensive versions) is a bargain!